There is a scintillating city in the South of Spain that cannot be spoken of highly enough. This city is Granada. It contains a prominent palace, whimsical streets, spectacular sunsets, atmospheric alfresco dining and fabulous flamenco!

We only had 24 hours in this magical city, which was clearly not enough. Even so, we saw some pretty incredible sights and experienced some magical moments, so below we have listed a few things that must be done on your visit to Granada.

Seville is a city that doesn’t believe in half measures.

Whether it’s the scorching sunshine, the colourful curving streets, the proud palaces or the tempting tapas, this city is all-in.

And we are head-over-heels in love.

How do I begin to explain a tiny town in Andalusia that is precariously perched upon a 100m gorge?

I could try and explain to you the whitewashed walls or the combination of both Islam and Christian histories in the town or the scenery that inspired writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, but it wouldn’t do it justice.

For a few reasons I went into Madrid with fairly low expectations (negative start, I know, but keep reading it…

Back in 2012 Chris took the longest flight of his life, a whooping twenty-six hours from Sydney to Barcelona for a work trip. It was on this trip that Chris got the bug for European travel and ever since he has been dying to take me back and show off his first European love. So four years later here we are (minus 24 hours from the flight time)!

Here’s our tips on what to see and do…