Bernese Oberland: An Unforgettable Swiss Alps Experience!


We all need mountain escapes in our lives and the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is as picturesque as they come!

Our love for Switzerland began back in December 2015 we when spent two days in the small chocolate box village of Saas Fee with the promise of a guaranteed white Christmas (it delivered)! It was white and magical and we knew we would be back.

In planning for our return trip, the Jungfrau Region in Bernese Oberland just kept popping up. This area is north of the biggest peaks, has a lush green landscape in the Summer with white icy mountain tops and an incredible contrast of low valleys to high peaks. Also, cute mountain villages, great for hiking…we were sold!

We flew into Zurich, spent one night in Lucerne and then two nights in the quaint mountain village of Mürren. We only had two things on our agenda:

  1. hiking
  2. photograph every cute alpine building in sight

(ok maybe three, we also ate our weight in cheese)

So here’s our Bernese Oberland adventure!

Disclaimer: We didn’t have the best weather for our stay unfortunately, with the majority of the time being grey, cloudy, foggy and wet! Luckily there was an afternoon and morning where the clouds parted, the sun came out and we got to see those famous Alps!

Mürren (1638 m)


Mürren was our base for the two nights and it was so perfect! Interlaken is the major city in the area but to really get the most of your experience you want to stay in one of the quaint mountain villages. Our accommodation was at Hotel Regina which we can’t recommend enough. Affordable, lovely minimalist alpine decor, friendly staff, great breakfast and incredible views!

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Hike #1: Gimmelwald (1367 m)


This is a lovely easy hike for hiking newbies like us to ease ourselves in. It’s just 35 minutes downhill and 45 back up. Gimmelwald is an even smaller village than Mürren and equally as cute.


bernese-oberland-switzerlandbernese-oberland-switzerland bernese-oberland-switzerland

Hike #2: Birg (2677 m)


Chris and I are not experienced hikers by any stretch of the imagination so we felt very chuffed with ourselves on completion of this hike! This day saw the worst weather of our stay but the fog and cloud cover made for an eerie hike and the rain kept us cool as we huffed and puffed up the mountain. We also went the wrong way several times so a five hour hike turned in a 7 hour hike! We’d love to come back and do this again on a clear day. The vistas are meant to be unbelievable.

bernese-oberland-switzerland bernese-oberland-switzerland bernese-oberland-switzerlandbernese-oberland-switzerland bernese-oberland-switzerlandbernese-oberland-switzerland

So Switzerland hey? It’s exceptional in every way and everyone should visit! It’s one of my favourite places and I know I’ll be back again for sure.

Let us know if you’ve been to Switzerland and what you got up to!

Much Love,

C + P



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