24 Hours in Lucerne, Switzerland


Have you spent 24 hours in Lucerne, Switzerland? It’s a truly lovely city! We stopped here overnight on our way to the Bernese Oberland and its gentle pace transported us back into the happy holiday groove with ease after a much needed month off travelling (I know it’s a hard life right?).

One day was the perfect amount of time for us to soak up what this city has to offer and to build the anticipation for our alpine adventure. Let’s be real… Switzerland is all about the Alps!

That being said, Lucerne is still definitely worth a stop. This is what we got up to:

  1. Explored picturesque old town – covered bridges with painted frescoes and lavish streets.
  2. Enjoyed a supermarket lunch by the river (restaurants are pricey in Switzerland!)
  3. Climbed Musegg Wall – four towers are open to the public with spectacular views

And that’s it! See for yourself below how lovely Lucerne is and then go!

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Much Love,


C + P

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