48 Hours in Gothenburg


What makes a city break great?

Is it a beautiful hotel? Delicious food? Relaxation? A bit of adrenaline? Something beautiful? Some shopping?

It turns out you can have all of this and more when you spend 48 hours in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is a city that’s popping up in travel publications everywhere and so when we were given the opportunity to visit here in May we were super curious to discover this city for ourselves. We were here as part of a week long trip in Sweden but it would also make for a perfect weekend getaway.

There is a cool casualness about this chic city and so much to experience!

Here are our top things to do with 48 hours in Gothenburg.

1. Stay: Hotel Bellora


Just like Gothenburg, Hotel Bellora is cool, design-centric and casually glamorous. This makes it the perfect base to explore the city.

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2. Dine: Toso and Bord 27


Just like the rest of our trip in Sweden, we were blown away by our food experiences. With a food culture that feels similar to Australia’s Melbourne, there’s a vast array of delicacies to choose from within Gothenburg. We hit up Toso for some Japanese tapas, and Bord 27 for their seasonal, locally-sourced menu.

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3. Gothia Towers: Upper House Spa


If you’re after a unique perspective of Gothenburg, then a visit to Upper House Spa is a must! Rooftop pools are one of our favourite ways to enjoy a city, and spending a few hours basking in the spas and sunshine definitely charged up our batteries for the rest of the day.

gothenburg-sweden gothenburg-sweden gothenburg-sweden

4. Play: Liseberg Theme Park


Do you know what every city needs? A nostalgic theme park. Liseberg Theme Park has the retro-goodness you find in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, but with bigger thrills. If you’re here, be sure to experience Helix – it’s one of our favourite roller coasters of all time!

gothenburg-sweden gothenburg-sweden gothenburg-sweden gothenburg-sweden

5. Admire: Gothenburg Garden Society

Do you know what else every city needs? Generous greenhouses that don’t cost anything to enter. An oasis in the centre of the city, the Garden Society of Gothenburg is simultaneously so impressive yet completely understated. Locals bring their coffees and relax with friends, whilst tourists such as us walk around and take photos of everything!


6. Explore: Magasingatan

If you’re wondering why everybody in Gothenburg is more fashionable than you, it’s probably because they’ve been shopping in Magasingatan. This trendy inner city neighbourhood hosts independent shops such as Grandpa and local denim house Dr. Denim, as well as some delicious coffee and lunch options too. We savoured the locally-roasted coffee at Da Matteo, and enjoyed some Asian street food from Jinx Food Truck.


Gothenburg is an exceptional city that you definitely need to experience for yourself one day!

Much love,

C + P.


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