Road Trip In Skåne

Skåne, Sweden

Do you love a good road trip? Are you looking for a bit of adventure, with a side of loveliness? Read on to find out more about our road trip in Skåne (it’s pronounced ‘Skoh’ neh’ – we are about 85% sure of that).

After an amazing first encounter with Sweden in the charming Malmö, it was time to set off on a road trip in Skåne!  It was here in the southernmost province that all my idyllic Swedish dreams became true; sprawling yellow canola fields, red wooden cottages and baby farm animals.

We made four major stops on our road trip in Skåne, each one adding to richly immersive and memorable experience. Let me tell you about them.

1. Lunch: Höganas Saluhall

Skåne, Sweden

Road trip stop number one took us to indoor market Höganas Saluhall. Here you can pick up fresh, local organic produce and boutique homewares. A restaurant upstairs showcases the seasonal ingredients at work in a beautiful setting with ample seating for groups of friends to gather together.

Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden

2. Rib Boat Tour: Kullaberg Nature Reserve

Skåne, Sweden

With bellies full of local goodness we jumped back in the car and made our way to Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Here we met up with a guide in Mölle Hamn Harbour (the loveliest harbour!) who took us out on a rib boat to explore the coast and spot porpoise (we saw two!). Afterwards we explored the harbour and nature reserve.

Skåne, SwedenSkåne, SwedenSkåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden

3. Overnight Stay: Arilds Vingård

Skåne, Sweden

The third stop on our Skåne road trip brought us to Arilds Vingård. How can you not be intrigued by a Swedish winery? Here we sampled the wine and schnapps, enjoyed a delicious two course meal and made a canine friend. The setting here is so idyllic!

Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden

4. Culinary Hike: Lindegren’s Farm

Skåne, Sweden

Back in the car, we set off for our final stop on our Skåne road trip to Lindegrens Farm. The animal-loving owner David Lindegren took us on an insightful culinary hike on the organic farm. We lead his heard of strictly grass-fed rödkuller cows to greener pastures, cosied up with the pigs and enjoyed a lunch of the farm produced charcuterie back at the shop.

Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden  Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden Skåne, Sweden

That’s the end of our Skåne road trip and we can’t recommend it enough! The Swede’s value for food and people is contagious. It was a real treat to experience Skåne on a local and personal level and we hope you get to one day as well!

Much Love,

C + P


This post is sponsored by Visit Sweden UK, who organised our trip to Sweden and compensated us for coverage of the trip. All opinions are our own.

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