48 Hour Normandy Itinerary

Just a hop, skip and a ferry ride away from the UK, Normandy is the perfect weekend getaway for travellers who have grown tired of city breaks and are looking for something new.

We had a refreshing weekend in the region that consisted of the memorable Mont-Saint-Michel, quaint villages, delicious dishes and captivating coastlines.

Below are four suggestions (and a whole lot of photos) from our weekend in Normandy. Check it out and let us know what you think!

1. Marvel at the Mont Saint Michel


There’s a reason that around 1.2 Million Visitors flock to Mont Saint-Michel every year – it’s THAT good!

So many unique ingredients  come together to make Mont Saint-Michel the memorable day trip that it is. Firstly, the imposing island can be seen from kilometres away, and this childlike excitement takes you by surprise when you first catch a glimpse. Combine this with a historical Old Town, an unparalleled view of the coast and a gravity-defying Abbey with more hidden rooms than you could imagine and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Top Tip: Grab Lunch at La Mère Poulard and have one of their famous Omlettes! It’s an experience (and a taste) you won’t forget for a long time!

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2. Stay a night or two at Granville – and eat everything!


Look at this place.

I mean, honestly.

Granville has a lot to love: architecture, food, wine, coast and a charm that only small European towns possess.

Top Tip: There’s some top-notch independent restaurants at Granville, we’d recommend seafood straight from the harbour at Restaurant Mer & Saveurs or if you’re inclined to enjoy a bit lot of red meat, then Parfum Poivre is a must-visit!

Top Tip Number 2: Locals are friendly, but don’t speak a whole lot of English, so be prepared to play a game of charades when trying to order Dinner. At one stage, our waitress was imitating the movement of a particular fish to try and explain what it was. I don’t know what fish we ate that night, but I know it was delicious!

normandy_granville normandy_granvillenormandy_granvilledinner normandy_granvilledinner normandy_granvilledinnernormandy_granvillenormandy_granville normandy_granville

Mercure Granville hosted us for the weekend and they were fantastic. They’re right on the beach and next to Old Town, whilst also providing the goods when it comes to a buffet breakfast!


3. Take a day trip to Chausey

Accessible only by a one hour boat ride, Chausey is about the most disconnected you’ll feel from home in a weekend. There’s no cars, no bicycles, two restaurants and only one hotel on the island. After lunch and a bit of exploring, we hopped on a boat tour of Chausey to soak up some more sun and enjoy a different perspective.

Top Tip: Scallops form Hotel du Fort des îles are undeniably amazing. Get amongst them! 
normandy_chausey normandy_chauseynormandy_chausey normandy_chausey normandy_chausey

4. Take the long drive home

All good things must come to an end, but why rush to the finish line? On our drive to catch the ferry in Cherbourg, we managed to squeeze in a few cheeky stops on the way.

Stops included:
– Coffee and Biscuits at La Maison du Biscuit
– Gouville-sur-Mer for some colourful beach huts and
– Lunch (one last stop for some Normandy cuisine) at the stunning location of Auberge des Grottes


As you can probably tell, we absolutely loved our weekend in Normandy!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

C + P.

6 thoughts on “48 Hour Normandy Itinerary

  1. Did this trip 22 years ago, the memories are still fresh. Great accommodation opposite the casino, great food and great walks along the coast. A MUST for the BUCKET LIST. 😎

    1. Hi John,

      It’s such an amazing place, isn’t it?!

      22 years is a long time, I think it’s definitely time for you to visit again 😉

  2. We’ve been traveling in Normandy for more than 20 years – principally due to a Sister City agreement between Caen and Alexandria, Virginia USA, where we lived until 2004. We’ve visited le Mont St-Michel 3 or 4 times, but have yet to taste that omelet. We plan to visit Normandy with our friends this September and will be sure to follow your helpful hints. Cheers, Warren (in Hobe Sound, Florida, USA)

    1. Hey Warren,

      Amazing – so glad you found this helpful, even though you’ve already been a few times.

      Hope you have an incredible time on your next visit too!


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