Travel Tips for 24 Hours in Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Have you ever just had a bad travel day? It wasn’t the location, your accommodation or relationship communication. You just woke up ‘off it’. No? You must be one of those ‘steady’ people like my husband Chris. I bring the crazy in our relationship and I was having one of these days in Hvar last Summer. I moped through the day on a moped for 24 hours in Hvar, Croatia.

But with the gift of hindsight holding more tightly to positive emotions and me finally taking the time to put this blog post together it appears it wasn’t such a bad day after all! So here are my top tips for 24 hours on the island of Hvar.

Wander Hvar Old Town

Hvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia Hvar, Croatia

Rent a scooter and explore the island!

Hvar, Croatia

First stop Stari Grad – one of the oldest towns in Europe. The Ancient Greeks founded Pharos here in 384BC!

Hvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia Hvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia

Wine Tasting at Tomic WineryHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia

Stop by the small coastal town of Jelsa. Hvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia

Dubovica Bay – hike down for a closer look at pebble beach and crystal clear water. Hvar, CroatiaHvar, CroatiaHvar, Croatia Hvar, Croatia

We then scootered ourselves back to Hvar Old Town picked up a pizza and enjoyed our beautiful bottle of Plavac Mali (grown on the southern slopes of the island) from Tomic winery.

So that’s our top tips for a fun and relaxing 24 hours on Hvar.

Much love,

C + P

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