A Weekend in the Peak District


What makes the Peak District so easy to love?

Is it the rolling hills, the quaint English villages, the fresh air or simply the quietness of it all?

It’s probably all of the above.

There’s something to be said about escaping the confines of a city and getting some headspace whilst walking around the English countryside.

Below is a brief description of our short time here.

What to do


Walk, walk and walk some more!

There is an abundance of walking trails in the Peak District, and they are generally well-marked. Not only this, but the effort-to-reward ratio is really great! That is, you get some vvitty incredible views without needing a huge level of fitness. They also don’t require you to risk your life at any point (unlike The Lofoten Islands in Norway).

During our weekend, we completed two main walks.

The first walk was Mam Tor.


Mam Tor literally means Mother Hill, which is great, because it provides the mother-of-all-views! Naturally, the walk took us a little longer than expected because we took a whole lot of photos, took a diversion and then got slightly lost along the way.

peak-district-8 peak-district-12 peak-district-14  peak-district-21peak-district-25  peak-district-28 peak-district-29 peak-district-30

Walk number two was Stanage Edge


Another incredible walk with striking landscapes, Stanage Edge is the perfect Sunday afternoon voyage.


This walk also gives you an opportunity to channel your inner Elizabeth Bennet… fans of Pride and Prejudice might recognise some of the scenery here.

peak-district-45 peak-district-53  peak-district-51 peak-district-46

Where to stay


Tidewell is a charming English village that made our weekend even more delightful.

The old vicarage we stayed in made for a fantastic base to see the area. It was full of history, quirks and included a full English breakfast too!


The village played host to our wanderings and photo-taking for an evening and morning, to which we were hugely grateful!

peak-district-38  peak-district-41 peak-district-42 peak-district-43 peak-district-52

That’s it!

If you are looking for a mental reset, I cannot recommend the Peak District enough.

It is purely delightful, and delightfully pure all at the same time.

Much love!

C + P.


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