24 Hours in Granada (and the 5 things you MUST do!)


There is a scintillating city in the South of Spain that cannot be spoken of highly enough. This city is Granada. It contains a prominent palace,  whimsical streets, spectacular sunsets, atmospheric alfresco dining and fabulous flamenco!

We only had 24 hours in this magical city, which was clearly not enough. Even so, we saw some pretty incredible sights and experienced some magical moments, so below we have listed a few things that must be done on your visit to Granada.

Experience the Alhambra


Is the Alhambra a palace, or is it a fortress? Well, it’s actually both. Built in the 14th century it’s perched above the city of Granada, and sits prettily with the Sierra Nevada as its backdrop.

Take your time to explore the intricate architecture, the meticulously considered gardens and the centuries of history contained here.

When you visit, don’t forget your water bottle! Granada is hot, and you’ll find yourself stopping in the shade for some respite from the unstoppable sun.


2. Wander the whimsical streets of Granada on foot


Let’s be honest… wandering streets in foreign cities is one of our favourite things to do! Why? Because there’s no shortage of quirky corners and fantastic facades to discover.

Granada is generous when it comes to character on the streets, so be sure to take your time walking around, and take a few photos whilst you’re there.fullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerender

3. Watch the Sunset from Mirador de San Nicholas


Without doubt, Mirador de San Nicholas provides one of the best views of the Alhambra at sunset!

It’s a place where locals and tourists gather together to soak up the day’s last rays, and enjoy some live music and the company of loved ones as the sun goes down.


4. Enjoy an alfresco dinner


What would a Spanish city post be without mentioning the food?! After enjoying free tapas with a glass of wine earlier that day  (not pictured – but did I mention tapas in Granada are free?), we set out in search of the perfect paella.

Pretty sure we found it. It was waiting for us at Bar Axia.


5. Watch a Flamenco Street Performance


Sometimes, all elements come together to make an insanely magical moment.

For us, this occurred when four flamenco artists came and entertained and serenaded us whilst we enjoyed our dinner.

The talent and the passion here was undeniable, and it made for the perfect ending to an unbelievable 24 hours.

That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this incredible city. Please feel free to ask questions or add comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

C + P.

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