11 things you probably didn’t know about Costa Rica

If you’re anything like me two weeks ago, you don’t know what you don’t know about Costa Rica

Now, having only spent a week there, I am by no means an expert on this relatively unknown country, but I am definitely a huge fan. 

Below is a brief list of things you should know about this lush destination. 

1. It’s world-leading in its environmental policy.

Costa Rica has been running on renewable energy for over 300 days, and they’re just getting started. From 2021, they will be moving towards their goal to be completely and permanently carbon-neutral.

2. La Fortuna Waterfall is what dreams are made of. 

Walking down 581 steps through the jungle to get here couldn’t be more worth it! If you go here you absolutely have to go for a swim in the warm water!

3. It’s ridiculously romantic. 

Whether you want to soothe your soul in the volcanic hot springs of Arenal or have a massage in the rainforest of Tortuguero, there is no denying that love is in the air in Costa Rica.

4. The food is to die for.

Colourful culinary delights and fresh flavours are on the menu, every day. Traditional dishes like Casado (pictured above) and Gallo Pinto (rice and black beans) taste even better than they look, and don’t even get me started on the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in this country.

5. It’s as adventurous as you want to be. 

Why just walk through the rainforest, when you can fly through like Tarzan? There’s plenty of activities to get your blood pumping in Costa Rica, like kayaking, white-water rafting and mountain biking.

Don’t want to be too adventurous? No problem, I hear the margaritas on the beach are pretty good too…

6. Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world.

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Ricans are the happiest group of people in the world. Having spent a week with them, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. There is this warmth, contentment and cheekiness that they exude wherever they go. The best thing about this?  Happiness is contagious. 

7. You can watch baby turtles run to the water for the first time in their life. 

If this picture doesn’t make you consider a trip to Costa Rica, then you don’t have a soul.

Seeing this little guy (or girl – not too sure) make a run for the beach is simultaneously one of the most inspirational and cute things I’ve ever seen.

8. Visiting an indigenous community will change how you think about life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I hate slow wifi as much as the next person. However, spending a day with the Bri Bri community challenged my worldview.

Eliodoro (pictured above) guided us around and shared with us his life. From navigating how a traditional village navigates a modern world, to investing in education, to fending off a jaguar attack whilst his wife was giving birth, this man has seen it all!

More than anything, he taught us that happiness isn’t found in gaining more, it’s found in community. 

9. You can see how chocolate is made

Just when you thought you couldn’t love chocolate any more, this happens. From picking the cocoa beans, to roasting, crushing and grinding them, you literally make chocolate with the Bri Bri people.

It’s delightful, chocolate joy in its purest form. 

10. Small flights give you the best views of Costa Rica

An internal flight from San Jose to Tortuguero will give you an insight into how lush this country really is. Also, flying in a 16 seater plane is one of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve ever had.

11. The Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica is everything. 

$1 coconuts, pastel skies and more nature than you could possibly believe. Is there a more perfect place in the world?


That’s it! 

Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you’ve got any questions / thoughts to add, please comment below!



P.S. A sloth greeted me when I got off the aeroplane. Not even kidding.

Also, if you’re interested in visiting Costa Rica…

Earlier this year British Airways launched a nonstop direct service between Gatwick and Costa Rica’s San José airport that operate three times a week. Prices start from £496 return. To book, visit ba.com/costarica or call 0344 493 0787

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