30 Hours in Porto


If Porto was a person, I believe we’d get along. He (not sure why Porto is a he, just go with it) would be this eccentric, optimistic, casual, trendy and surprising friend who would always have delectable delicacies and regional wines on hand.

We’d definitely be pals.

Porto, however, is not a person, it’s a city.

And he’s a wonderful city at that.

Porto was the last stop on our European Summer, and it was such a delight to visit. From the endless display of patterned tiles, to the independent shops, the theatrical hotel we stayed in and a glimpse of the ocean, we couldn’t have asked for a better destination.

Here’s an overview of our day in Porto.

Where to Stay


Hotel Teatro hosted us, and they were incredible! There’s so much drama to the hotel, as the building is a refitted theatre. As well as having a chic, design-centric atmosphere, they were also located right in the middle of the city.

Also, the welcome Port went down a treat!

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First things first… go for a wander.


Just like Lisbon, it seems like Porto is made for people who don’t mind wandering around. It’s a city completely full of character, so take your time to slow down and take all the photos!

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Meander through galleries and cafes at Rua de Miguel Bombardo

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There’s no denying it, this little street is an underrated gem. Take your time to admire some art, to get your caffeine fix and then meander some more. For us, this felt like a slow few hours in our hometown, Newcastle… and that’s always a good thing.


Admire the Extraordinary  São Bento Train Station


This train station is a work of art, in the truest sense. All around the walls are these hand-painted tiles that depict scenes of Portugal’s history. Processed with VSCO with s2 presetfullsizerender

Go Green in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

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This is one of many exceptional gardens in Porto, and it makes for a nice bit of headspace before continuing with your city exploring. Not only are the gardens impeccable, but it’s also fairly quiet here too.

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Go to Church at Porto Catedral

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Porto Catedral is a 12th Century Catholic Church that continues to stand above the city. It’s mind-boggling to try and fathom how people managed to build this 900 years ago, and it’s also a pretty decent vantage point to overlook the city.

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Eat Everything at Cantina 32


For those of you that know me, I’m a foodie. I’m a sucker for flavour. Can’t help it, don’t want to help it. Not only was the food and wine incredible, but it’s got a killer atmosphere too.

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Catch Tram #1 to the Atlantic Ocean


After sleeping at Teatro Hotel, it was time to go to the beach! Not only is Tram #1 not just the coolest, most traditional tram you’ll ever ride, it also takes you straight there. This was the last thing on our agenda before heading back to the UK.

We’re beach people, it comes with being Australian. It was the most refreshing way to complete our European Summer.

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That’s it!

I know this blog doesn’t do Porto justice. It’s one-dimensional, you can’t just see porto. You have to feel Porto.

Basically, you should discover what it’s like for yourself.

Much love!

C + P

P.S. Also a big thanks to Urban Outfitters for hooking us up with some clothes for the trip!

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    1. Thanks Hayley!

      Porto was absurdly fun, can see you having an absolute ball here! (I said that in an Australian accent too, haha).

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