Lisbon, the city of light.

fullsizerenderThe city of Lisbon is known as “A cidade da luz” – The City of Light. Once we had arrived and been in Lisbon for a whole five minutes, we began to see why.

Around every street sun-drenched corner in Lisbon you’ll notice charm, character, history, flavour and a playful lack of restraint when it comes to the use of colour.

The other thing you’ll notice is that it takes you twice as long as you’d expect to get anywhere, because you can’t stop taking photos.

Below you’ll find a few different tips on things to do / see / eat / drink whilst in Lisbon.

1. Walk around, take a whole lot of photos.


This city, with all of its tiled facades and bold colour combinations, is just begging to be admired. By far the most favourite part of our stay here was simply walking around the streets and pointing out to each other all of the various quirks this city has on offer.


2. Santa Justa Lift


This unique elevator opened up in 1902, and was designed to help citizens with beat the hills of Lisbon. It functions now as a tourist destination in the heart of the city. We didn’t go up due to the lines, but apparently there’s some great views up there.

3. Lisbon Chill Out Tour


The Lisbon Chill Out Tour that I can’t recommend highly enough. From history, to architecture, to where to eat and drink, it was a really comprehensive way to understand the city of Lisbon. At the end of the tour, participants are encouraged to give as much, or as little, as they want to the tour guide.

This tour also introduced us to Ginjinha, a cherry-based liqueur that can be found all around Lisbon. You can buy it from the locals for just €1!

Lastly, wear your walking shoes for this one, it went for around three hours!





4. Find yourself a lookout for sunset


Lisbon is also known as the city on seven hills, so there is no shortage of viewpoints to take in the sunset. We chose to take it all in at Miradoura de Santa Luzia! Beautiful view with some lush gardens too.fullsizerenderfullsizerenderfullsizerender

5. Try the best Portuguese Tarts in the world at Pasteis de Belém.


Pasteis de Belem is located just outside the city centre, and they’ve been serving up Portuguese Tarts for the last 179 years! If you eat one thing in Lisbon, make sure it’s these incredible pastries!


6. Take a few more photos


Because seriously, have you seen this city?


Lastly, a huge thank you to Double Tree Hilton for hosting us whilst we were in Lisbon.  Not only was the hotel incredible, but I still find myself day-dreaming about the champagne breakfast we enjoyed there.


That’s it!

This city is incredible.

If you’re thinking about visiting Lisbon, my advice would be simple: Slow down, see more. It’s the perfect city to walk around and let your senses absorb the delightful surroundings you find yourself in.

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