Sunny Seville

FullSizeRenderSeville is a city that doesn’t believe in half measures.

Whether it’s the scorching sunshine, the colourful curving streets, the proud palaces or the tempting tapas,  this city is all-in.

And we are head-over-heels in love.

Below we’re going to give a bit of an outline on our time in Seville. It’s an incomplete list of things to love about the sunny Southern Spanish city.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunny Streets


When walking in Seville, it can take a long time to get anywhere. This isn’t because of traffic (no cars are allowed in the city centre), it’s because you find yourself admiring how absurdly photogenic this city is.

The lack of restraint shown when it comes to choosing colours couldn’t be more appreciated, so naturally we took about a million photos. We’ve attached a few below.


Real Alcazar


The Real Alcazar is known for being one of the most beautiful palaces in Spain, and for good reason. It’s so impressive, that the Spanish Royal Family still inhabit the palace today.

The ornate architecture and is so detailed it’s hard to comprehend, and more recently the Real Alcazar has been in the spotlight due to Game of Thrones being filmed here.

Also, the gardens are fit for a King and Queen! We took a few hours to wander around the Palace and the Gardens, taking photos as we went.


Flamenco and Tapas


After a recommendation from a friend-of-a-friend, we found ourselves at Casa De La Guitarra. It was a small room seating about 25 people, and we were in complete awe of the passion and the skill in front of us.


Tapas. Because if you’re in Seville you owe it to yourself. Most tapas are pretty simple, cheap and great for sharing. Also, tapas aren’t tapas unless you’ve got yourself some sangria as well.

Plaza de España


If you want to get one more dose of charm and character in Seville, you’ve got to check out this art-deco arcade that was completed in the 1920s. Also, if you’re a Star Wars fan, this place might look a little familiar…


Corral Del Rey


A HUGE thanks needs to be said to Corral Del Rey for hosting us in Seville! This restored 17th Century Casa Palacio has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the city, and it’s spilling over with character.

Also, it’s got a rooftop pool with a killer view, which couldn’t be more appreciated during those scorching Spanish Summers.


That’s it!

Absolute stunner of a city, couldn’t recommend it more.

Much love,

C + P


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