20 Hours in Madrid

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For a few reasons I went into Madrid with fairly low expectations (negative start, I know, but keep reading it gets better). Let’s just say Madrid and me, our relationship had a rocky start.

Firstly, we weren’t going to visit this city at all but changed our itinerary because Madrid seemed to make for both a cheap and easy stopover as we moved South in Spain. When your initial thoughts are focused on logistical merit, that’s no way to make a city feel special.

Secondly, getting to Madrid turned out to be neither cheap or easy. Turns out a train from Barcelona to Madrid is pricey, it’s actually cheaper to fly… or at least it would have been cheaper to fly if I hadn’t booked our flights for the wrong day, and then have to purchase a second set of tickets for the right day.

Stomach drop moment.

Ready to throw the towel in and move on back to Australia moment. I’ll never travel any further than 15 minutes from my home ever again moment! I can be a tad dramatic. After a call to the most patient, understanding husband in the world, I had my traveller hat back on and was focusing on all the wonderful things we were about to experience in Spain, meanwhile harboring a little resentment towards Madrid for my expensive mistake.

(This is the part where it gets better)

We arrived in Madrid on a gloriously sunny Sunday and within the walk from the metro station to our hotel I had completely fallen in love with this city, its relaxed vibe and fancy architechure, dropped all my unfair perceptions and asked Madrid to forgive me for treating him/her/it so badly!

That’s enough talk, Madrid and I are all good, now for all the pretty pictures of this amazing city.

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We only had one day to enjoy Madrid so this is in no way an exhaustive list but here are 4 things we’d recommend you visit/do on your trip:

  1. Chocolateria San Gines for churros and thick hot chocolate of course!


2. Royal Palace of Madrid. We didn’t have time to go inside but explored the gardens and the Palace from the outside.

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3. Roof of Circulo de Bellas Artes. You can just come up for the amazing view or grab a drink at the bar. Cost 4 euro pp.

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4. Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas for cocktails and snacks.

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Much Love,

C + P

P.S. A huge thanks to Room Mate Oscar for hosting us for the night! Such a fun hotel with amazing terrace pool.

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