An Epic Weekend in Wales

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to do something.


Something to break the routine.

Something to fill your lungs.

Something to clear your mind and light your soul up all at the same time.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to visit Wales.


My goodness, this was a weekend to remember! We teamed up with our friends at VisitBritain who were kind enough to send us to Wales, with an action-packed itinerary.

Our short stint was filled up with a variety of sights and activities including quaint villages, bouncing around in a mine shaft, zip-lining, castles, cliff jumping and surf lessons.

As always, I could tell you about it, but I’d rather show you. Below is a blow-by-blow of our weekend. Hope you enjoy!

First up, Portmeirion.

This village is as quirky as they come. Portmeirion is an Italian-style village unlike anything we’ve ever seen before; it’s a village, that’s not actually a village! It’s a tourism destination full of  brightly coloured facades, and it makes for a truly impressive sight nestled between the sea and the mountains.


Pictured above is where we stayed… right on the water! Did I mention how incredible this place was? The hotel had an insane amount of character; from the bar, to the rooms to the restaurant.


After waking up to this view, it was time to go and explore the village, and go for a wander through the woods to the nearby beach.

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After spending the morning here, we jumped in the car and drove to our next stop…

Bounce Below

What exactly is Bounce Below? I’m so glad you asked.

Imagine three illuminated stories of trampolines, only it’s inside a mine shaft and it’s connected with slides. You’ve imagined Bounce Below.


Honestly, it’s an instant recipe to bring our your inner child, only you quickly realise you’re not as fit as you used to be.

Next stop in the adventure…

Zip Lining
We went from being underground to flying through the air with Zip World Titan.


With three zip lines covering around 2,000 metres, adrenaline was definitely pumping (we reached speeds of around 75mph whilst flying through the air!)


Next up, the town with the long name.

This is legitimately the name of the town.


It means “St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave.”

Good times. Next up…

Constantly getting distracted whilst driving and pulling over to take photos

Wales does not have a shortage of photogenic moments, and it’s impossible to not get a little bit distracted. The photos below a compilation of the ‘quick, pull over!’ photos we stopped to take between adventure stops.


Then…Llanddwyn Island


This might just be the loveliest spot in all of Great Britain. After a walk / run along the beach, we arrived at this ridiculously picturesque island that’s only accessible at certain times of the day due to the tide.


Next stop, Beaumaris.


The Bull’s Head Inn was the perfect spot for a good night’s sleep, but not before delicious dinner and drinks.


The next morning,  the adventures continued…


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What is coasteering? I’m so glad you asked. It’s a little bit like putting on a wetsuit and a life jacket, then swimming in the Irish Sea, clambering up cliffs and then jumping off!

It’s every bit as fun as it sounds, you can find out more about our adventure with Coasteering Wales here.

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Unbelievably, there was still one more adventure stop to be had.

Last stop, Surf Snowdonia


As an Australian, I used to live a ten minute walk to the beach, yet I never learnt to surf. Surf Snowdonia seemed like the perfect opportunity to take another shot.

Set in an idyllic valley, Surf Snowdonia is a man-made wave pool of goodness, and it’s a great spot for those seeking the perfect wave and a fresh experience.


It turns out this wasn’t going to be the weekend that I mastered surfing.

Ah well.

Then, it was time to drive home.

Putting together this blog has made me realise what I already knew… Wales, with all of its beauty and quirks, is a goldmine of adventure! I can’t believe all of the above was completed within a few days, and I couldn’t recommend a similar trip highly enough to anyone!

Much love,

C + P.

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