How to Guarantee Adventure

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The Why
I was always that kid that asked too many questions.

I was that kid that would exhaust my relatives, not because I was misbehaving, but because I wouldn’t stop asking questions.

I’m naturally curious, always have been and I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop wondering.

That’s most definitely why I love to travel.

The How

Around sixteen months ago, Phoebe and I moved from Australia to the UK. Since then, we’ve visited nineteen countries and experienced more experiences than I could have ever imagined.

We’ve been sharing what our travels have looked like, but now it’s time to start sharing how we make them happen.

We will be updating the blog around once a week with simple steps to help you weave adventure into your every day lives.

How to Guarantee Adventure.
The first step on making adventure happen will not be for everyone. If this step is not for you, that’s okay, the other blog entires in the future will still be applicable.

Anyway, here goes…

If you want to guarantee adventure, move countries.

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When you move overseas, adventure happens because every damn day is completely new. It’s all so funfamiliar (see what I did there!?) Where you buy your groceries, your walk to work, the currency, the weather, the people, the culture, the food – it’s all new!

Secondly, wherever you move to is bound to be closer to something else than where you already live. I’ll write it again…It’s not rocket-science, but it’s profound.

Wherever you move to is bound to be closer to something else than where you already live.

Moving to Cambridge from Australia given us so much access to see Europe thanks to the close proximity and cheap flights.

Some logistics

Whilst the idea of moving overseas is relatively simple, it’s not particularly easy to execute.

If you’re thinking moving overseas could be a good move for you, here’s some questions to consider:
– Where can you get a Visa to work?
– How much will it cost you to get there?
– How long will you need to save for to get there?
– Do you have a job lined up?
– If it all goes wrong, can you come back?

That last question might sound pessimistic, but we actually found it quite freeing. We had never been to England before we moved our life over here. People asked us if we were concerned about it going all horribly wrong, and our reply was always that we could always come back after twelve months if it was that bad.

So… that’s about it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment on the ‘how-to’ side of things. There will be more to follow!

Much love!


P.S. Whilst moving overseas is a huge adventure, don’t kid yourself… you will also have exceptionally plain days wherever you live. Currently, it’s 5pm on my day off, and I’m in pyjamas having just watched Netflix for half the day. That’s not a complaint by the way. Today is a glorious day.

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