The Most Perfect Travel Moment

Collect moments, not things.
“Gonna take you on a ride on a big jet plane” – Angus and Julia Stone

This might just be the most perfect travel moment I’ve ever experienced.

It was the last night of our holiday in Nice, and we’d just spent ten days being absolute tourists in Paris Nice and Monaco. Endlessly sightseeing, eating, walking, sightseeing, eating, drinking, walking, sightseeing, etc. we were absolutely wrecked.

This isn’t a complaint, I’m aware of how ‘being holidayed out’ is a great problem to have.

Anyway, we received a text from our AirBnb host, (Did, a really talented musician – he’s on the left of the photo above), informing us that Open-Mic-Monday was happening at an Irish Pub nearby. Initially we replied that we were too tired, had an early flight the next morning, but thanks so much for the offer.

Seriously? We’re in Nice and we’re going to turn down an offer for live music? Five minutes later I replied that’d we’d be there. Sleep is for the flight home.

We arrived at an Irish Pub around the corner, with an Australian bartender, and we went downstairs to this little cave of a room.

Here is where the magic happened.

A man from Norway played heart-felt blues to a room full of strangers, we met a handsome Frenchman named Philip, (the guy playing the acoustic guitar above), who found out we were Australian. He made sure to sing an Angus and Julia Stone cover so we’d feel at home.

Then this trio belted out a reggae Jessie J cover, then some old-school funk hits. At this point a slightly crazy 40-year-old French lady decided it was time for the whole room to dance.

She begins yelling, and I mean yelling at people in French. The problem is they don’t speak French. She doesn’t care. Dance is an international language. They’ll figure it out. She begins pulling them out of their seats and forcing them all to join in the frivolity.

At first, they hesitate. Reluctantly, they join in. Mostly so the crazy lady leaves them alone. Quickly, they start to enjoy themselves.

Phoebe also joins in.

I hesitate. I can’t dance. I’m as awkward as they come. Spontaneous dance is for the extroverts, the confident and the coordinated. I consider myself none of those things.

Screw it, I’m on holidays, it’s not like I’ll see anyone ever again. Also, how could I not join Phoebe in this perfect moment?

Three minutes later, I’m surrounded by complete strangers, dancing in a cave to some of the best acoustic tunes I’ve heard. It was such an honest, joyful and human moment.

It was the most perfect travel moment.

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