Find adventure every day.

 1. an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. Let’s be honest, there hasn’t been heaps (that’s Aussie for ‘a whole lot’) going on right now. Life is enjoyably normal, well as normal as living in another country can be.

Here’s some normal things happening right now:
 – I’m loving work. It’s been around four weeks and am glad to be where I am, surrounded by talented and amazing people.

– We’ve found our local cafe. 
It’s called Urban Larder, and it’s just opened around the corner from where we live. We were actually the first customers to fill out a whole loyalty card, I guess we’re a bit caffeine dependant.

– We’ve got a house full of furniture. 
Thanks to IKEA, the apartment we’ve been in for two weeks now is feeling pretty homely. It’s small (our fridge is actually a bar fridge), but it’s awesome. We’re close to the main strip of cafes / restaurants, and our back window overlooks an antique store, a gallery and a bike shop.

– Our Nespresso machine actually works in the UK. 
Hello cheap coffee! When I had my first Nespresso coffee over here I had this moment where I thought “I actually live over here now”.

So, now that life is settling down, I’m discovering how adventure can be found in the every day.

Here’s a few ways I’ve discovered you can build adventures into your every day routine:

1. Learn something. It doesn’t matter if it’s science, cooking a new recipe, or learning another language, just learn something. For me personally, I want to learn some basic French phrases to get us through the holiday. Duo Lingo is a free app that I’d recommend for learning a new language. After the holiday, I want to enrol in some Spanish classes.

2. Build a friendship. Nothing puts me out of my comfort zone more than connecting with people I don’t know. For some people it’s what they thrive on, but for me it takes intention, and it’s been a really great experience. This week I caught up with Paulo, a guy I met via Instagram. We just walked around and took photos – was really cool to have someone show you around their city.

3. Take a camera with you. Put your EarPods on, listen to Bon Iver and walk around a city with your iPhone. I dare you not to be inspired and want to take photos. For me taking photos is as much about the process, (exploring, creating experiences, reviewing photos, sharing with people), as it is about the actual photo itself.

4. Plan little adventures. Tomorrow we are going to York for a night. Why? Because we can, and it’s pretty cheap. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Eat something different, go somewhere new and be intentional about stepping outside of your routine.

That’s it for now! I’ll hopefully post a recap of our York Trip this week as well.

Much love! CB.

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