Must have travel apps.

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Imagine if you were born one hundred years ago. How different would your life be?

Living in surroundings that are hundreds of years old give you a bizarre sense that you are living in a very short period of time in a very old world that will definitely outlast you.

I’m probably a weirdo, but every now and then I ask myself “I wonder what I would have been if I was born 500 years ago… a farmer? Lord? Blacksmith?

I’m glad I’m alive here and now. It’s just way too much fun being alive in the 21st Century. What I’m realising whilst being surrounded by such a historic city is that how we live isn’t just influenced by where we live, but also when we live.

This brings me to apps. The App Store was invented in 2008, and it’s completely changed the way we interact with the world around us, including the way we travel.

Here are some must have apps to consider if you are planning a trip:

1. FaceTime – It’s one thing to talk to family back home, but it’s another to see them. It was my parent’s 32nd wedding anniversary tonight, and I was able to see them and even the dinner they were about to eat; it really does make you feel so much closer to home.

2. Airbnb –
This one is a gem! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an app that enables you to rent out someone’s space, whether it be  spare room or a whole apartment. We are staying with a family here for a month, and it just takes the stress out of the whole move. Also, it gives you a really authentic experience and immerses you in the culture quickly.

3. Tripadvisor –
It’s like having that friend that always knows the cool things to do and see. This isn’t just good for reviewing hotels, but it’s also good for restaurant reviews, experiences, etc.

4. Instagram / Facebook / WordPress / iMessage.
Bring your friends and your family with you… make sure you share what you’re up to!

How about you? Are there any apps you love to use whilst you travel?

Much love!
– CB

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