First impressions.

Mathematical_bridgeNothing becomes real till it is experienced.
– John Keats

This actually happened. I’m in Cambridge, and I took this photo.

Below are the details of how we got here in bullet point:

– 28.75 hours of travel time. 2.5 hour drive from Newcastle to Sydney, 14.5 hour flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, then 2 hour wait for the next flight. A 7 hour flight to London was followed by a 2.5 hour coach and then a cheeky 15 minute cab ride to our accommodation.
– Best inflight entertainment: Whiplash. A drama where a young jazz drummer (Miles Teller) is pushed to his limits by a demanding an eccentric teacher (J.K. Simmons – he’s been nominated for best supporting actor in this movie, and I can see why).
 – Worst inflight entertainment: The Equalizer. It’s a geriaction where Denzel Washington pretends he is Liam Neeson working at an American equivalent of Bunnings. It was terrible, but admittedly entertaining.

Here are some first impressions of Cambridge:

– Beautiful. Everything is pretty. When walking through the streets, my mind is in overdrive, processing the sights and sounds.
– Cold. Like pain, the concept of ‘cold’ is relevant to your threshold. For a beach person such as myself, it’s pretty freakin’ cold (probably 8 out of 10 colds). The cold brings this awareness with it. Here’s what I mean by this: imagine a small spot, the size of a coin on the back of your right hand. Right now, you can see this part of your hand, but you can’t feel it, unless something is touching it. In this kind of cold, you feel everything: you can feel your face, your neck, shoulders, legs, etc, all at the same time. It’s actually quite nice, how alert you feel.
 – Friendly. Already have met some amazing people who have gone above and beyond in how they’ve helped us.

Today was mostly spent doing some errands: setting up bank accounts, phone numbers, etc. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Cambridge in the week to come, and will be sure to share it with you.



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