Last impressions last.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

Having a farewell is kind of like going to your own funeral. The attention is on you, people start to reminisce and say nice things, and you even give people some of your stuff. It’s a really lovely, new experience to me.

One of my favourite questions I like to ask myself and others when they experience something new is “What did you learn?” It enables you to reflect on what’s happening, and shows how your worldview is developing.

So, here’s what I’ve learnt from a week of farewells:

1. Last impressions last. This last week I’ve been overwhelmed by the love we have been shown. Whether people have attended our farewell, gave us a call, text or even gifts! They say that first impressions last, but they rarely survive the initial stage of a relationship. People from work (pictured above) and church have been so loving in how they have sent us off. That’s the impression I’ll be taking overseas.

2. Show that you care. This week, I’ve been blown away by people who just get it. They understand that moving overseas is a huge deal, and they’ve been supportive the whole way. It’s made me think about the lives of people around me, and how engaged I am in what is happening in their lives. Whether it’s uni, kids, a new job, or whatever, I’m challenged do engage more with other people’s lives and show that I care.

3. More time with the people you love, more often. This past week I’ve been really deliberate in seeing people as much as possible. In fact, we had dinner with a couple of good friends, and we hadn’t done this in years! Why hadn’t we? No real reason, just busy I guess…it’s a shame it takes a farewell for this to happen. We have to be intentional with how we spend our lives. Life isn’t just the thing that happens when we are busy making plans, it’s also a direct result of our intentionality.

That’s it. Thank you everybody, for making this an incredible farewell.


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  1. Love it, but sad I missed your walk out at work, probably for the best because I would of just cried (that’s the sappy mum side of me). Wise words x

  2. hey cb! Miss you already! We cannot wait to hear of your adventures, I know they will be epic. I know you know this already, but, stay true to who you are, ask the tough questions, listen to the challenging answers and what ever you do: don’t disrespect the local team.. I think they take ‘sport’ a bit seriously over there 😜 You two will have an excellent time discovering new things, people, places and a new culture and I truly look forward to a new Seagull Sunday .. Perhaps Foggy Friday?!? Or Wet Wednesday .. Travel Thursday.. So many options! I’m certain you have something creative for us! Keep in touch, home is just an iPhone away! I look forward to hearing about your journey! Keep inspiring, you have so much to joy to spread!
    Bon voyage,

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