4 weeks to go…


I’m leaving here Australia in around four weeks, and this has got me thinking about the things that I’ll miss and the things that I will not. Enjoy!

Things I will miss:

 – Family. I’m leaving Mum, Dad, two brothers, a nephew and two nieces behind. Thankfully, technology will help us to keep connected: email, Facebook, FaceTime, blogging, etc., but we all know it’s just not quite the same thing as being there. In particular, missing out on seeing my nephew, Leonard, and my two nieces, Mercy and Nora grow up. As adults, we don’t change a lot throughout the year, but you go away for a few months and those little munchkins look completely different!

 – Friends. I’ve got friends here that I have known for a really long time. I know we’ll make friends in the U.K., but they’re not going to be the same friends we grew up with. It’s just going to be different, is all.

– Familiarity. There’s something about knowing the quickest way home from the shops, or where you can get a $10 Schnitzel, or where your favorite coffee is. There’s something comforting about someone telling you they’ve already heard the same lame story you’re about to tell them, (I do this all the time, sorry friends). To an extent, a lot of every day life becomes muscle memory, and that’s pretty comfortable.

Just like there’s some things I’m going to miss, there’s definitely some things that I’m more than happy to say goodbye to.

Things I will not miss:

 – Things. Packing up our whole life into 30kgs each has given me a real appreciation for not holding on tightly to possessions. We’re just taking our clothes, our Nespresso machine, and some Bose speakers, (okay, maybe I hold a few things a little tightly). Even so, it’s nice to not be held down by what we own.

– Mosquitoes. If you’ve lived in Australia for a Summer, I’m sure you understand.

– Being Comfortable. In a sense I’m going to miss the familiar, but this is far overshadowed by the excitement of being surrounded by a completely unknown environment. I’m so excited to be in quite literally unfamiliar territory, not just geographically, but also socially. Discovering new places, meeting new people, all of it is just more than a little bit exciting.

So that’s it. This list is in no way comprehensive, they’re just the things most front of mind right now.

Final Thought:

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

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