Let’s begin.

Change changes you.

Just like experience, advice, regret and reflection, change has the ability to shift the way you see the world.

Change is changing me at the moment.

I’m moving to the UK on Valentine’s Day, with my wife, Phoebe. It’s SO exciting, and it’s changing the way I’m seeing my world at the moment.

In no specific order, here’s how I’m changing since finding out we are moving.

1. Important, then urgent. You will always complete the urgent tasks. In my case, it’s things like selling a car, renting out our place, and packing our bags. If you get caught up in what’s ‘urgent’, however, you miss what’s important. The people I’m blessed to be around for the next six weeks are what’s important, and it’s only if I make time for them that we will be able to connect. This brings me to my next point, which is;

2. People matter. Your relationships tomorrow depend on your investment today. It shouldn’t take moving overseas to realize what you’re going to miss, but having a finite amount of time left in the country makes you acutely aware of how important relationships are with both friends and family.

3. Break down the complicated into bite-sized pieces. I asked Phoebe how worried she was about moving to the other side of the world, and she said “Not at all. There’s nothing complicated about it, just a list of simple things that need to get done.” She’s right… Sure, the concept of moving your whole life overseas and being away from everyone you know can overwhelm you to the point where you don’t achieve anything, but in reality, one step at a time is all that is needed.

4. Be content, always. For me, this move is not the answer that will bring all happiness. Contentment is being happy with where you are, with what you’ve been given, and knowing that God’s got the whole thing under control.

It’s a bizarre experience, trying to imagine what life is going to be like in a few months. My hope is to write to stay connected to everyone, and also to help me process.

Final thought:

”Wherever you are, be all there.”

 – T. S. Elliott.

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