Five Ways to Keep Your Cool Travelling Rome in Summer


Europe is notorious for crowds and heat in the Summertime but don’t let that stop you making the most of your travels! Here are five ways to keep your cool while travelling Rome in Summer.

1. Luxurious Accommodation to Retreat from the Heat


Chris and I were fortunate enough to be staying in the luxurious Palazzo Manfredi for two nights. It was such a relief to return to this splendorous accommodation after a hot day of roaming about the city. A pillow menu and cushioned bathtub also added that extra bit of comfort.

We woke up to champagne breakfast overlooking the Colosseum. This was certainly a breakfast for the books! It was surreal to imagine the gladiators preparing in the training school below before a fight in the Colosseum.

The highlight of our stay was when we returned to this view again in the evening to enjoy the Michelin-starred delights of Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio at Aroma Restaurant. This was our first ever Michelin Star meal and my goodness! The taste, the service and the whole experience is something we will remember for a very long time to come.

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2. Early Morning Exploring


I know you’re on holidays and you just want to sleep in, but don’t! Seriously, you won’t regret it.

We headed out at 6am one morning to visit the popular tourist spots that we really wanted to see but without the throngs of tourists and 40ºC sun. Trevi Fountain,  Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, and also just took time to walk the quiet cobblestone streets (and stop for an espresso or two).

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3. Church Hop


With Rome being the birthplace of Catholicism you’re not going to run out of intricate churches to admire plus you can avoid the heat at the same time!

We explored St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the Pantheon and popped our head into a few others along the way that we don’t know the name of!

Be prepared as there is a dress expectation in most churches for both men and women of covered shoulders and knees.

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4. Air conditioned Aperitifs


We love an alfresco drink spot as much as the next person but when it’s mid-afternoon and a sweltering 38ºC we opted for an air conditioned aperitif instead in Rome’s old residential neighbourhood of Monti. We stumbled upon Bar Monti and set up by the window to people watch and enjoy a break with Italian cocktails.

5. Shaded Cycling in Villa Borghese


A fun way to explore the beautiful open space of Villa Borghese while also staying out of the sun is to hire one of these two person electric bikes (there is a four people option too). It will set you back 10 euros for one hour but worth every cent. You do feel a little ridiculous but you will also laugh the whole time! Just watch out for the ice cream stands and people on segways. Chris nearly took out both (insert ‘monkey-covering-eyes’ emoji)!


Rome is such a beautiful city to enjoy so don’t allow the challenge of hoards of tourists and high temperatures to detract from your trip. We hope these five ways of keeping your cool travelling Rome in Summer will come in handy!

Much Love,

C + P